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Quintonia regions are queer friendly virtual worlds. They are a great place to hang out, share, build and enjoy with a strong focus on using the ‘Quintopia’ virtual farming, gardening and life simulation system! You can easily link your avatar from any grid after you register, so you can start enjoying the fun right away!

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Cris creado el nuevo tema ' towel' en el foro. 1 month ago

hola me gustaria saber donde se fabrica la towel,no lo encontre por ningun lado gracias

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Cris changed Hrimgar " Sangre y Valhalla!" avatar 1 month ago
KrisTina Resident created a new topic ' +Replanting' in the forum. 1 month ago

If +Replanting isn't clicked first in menus when planting you can find the menu button after..
If you are planting a new field for example, and you click +autowater and not +Replanting, +Replanting will then vanish never to be seen again.


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Ragnar gets the rank: Farm hand 1 month ago

Farm hand
Farm hand

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Cris shared a photo. 1 month ago

Cris creado el nuevo tema ' toilet paper' en el foro. 1 month ago

buenas tardes me gustaria saber como se hace el toilet paper, en la web indica donde guardarlo pero no veo donde crearlo, gracias

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