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I went from my Wife's sim/farm to Mintor with the baby attached to me and when I came back she was still there and all worked fine.
I went from my Wifes sim/farm to LBSA Plaza with the baby and he disappeared . . . am not sure why it would work from one grid and not the other?
Thank You! ;)
Passion! ;)


Passion replied to the topic 'DUCK W CHERRY SAUCE' in the forum. 8 hours 41 minutes ago

I did not know we could rez things in the learning center . . . this is good to know . . . where is the learning center located?
Thank You So Very Much! ;)
Passion! ;)


Passion replied to the topic 'Maternity Clothing' in the forum. 8 hours 45 minutes ago

OK! TY Buzzy! We found that out last night as we experimented with the baby stuff and it's working rather well if I must say so myself . . . I was wondering where we get the items to make the baby food, meds etc . . . like the Mothers Milk . . . where would we go to find things like that to make . . . ? 
Thank You once again! ;)
Passion! ;)


Buzzy Cnayl replied to the topic 'Fields & Plaanters' in the forum. 11 hours 9 minutes ago

I seem to recall something about forcing a recompile of all scripts when switching between X-Engine and Y-Engine on your regions (I think I just deleted everything out of /bin/ScriptEngines (after backing it up just in case!) before starting up again in Y-Engine)


Buzzy Cnayl replied to the topic 'Maternity Clothing' in the forum. 11 hours 46 minutes ago

No there isn't any pregnancy involved. I believe there was someone that supplied OpenSim babies that has/had that, but for what I saw it was probably stolen from Second Life.


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Passion created a new topic ' Maternity Clothing' in the forum. 16 hours 59 minutes ago

I'm wondering if after we rez a baby (which we have not done yet) we get pregnant . . . I was told that we will go through a 9 month pregnancy but not sure how true that is . . . but if that is the case . . . where do I get maternity clothing please & TY! ;)

Passion! ;)


Hope Fading replied to the topic 'Fields & Plaanters' in the forum. 20 hours 53 minutes ago

HI, I did a Build/Recompile Script on the fields..
still cant get menu on the SF Marsh Field, SF Square Field, SF Physic Field
will try Planters now,


Hope Fading created a new topic ' Fields & Plaanters' in the forum. yesterday

We did a restart on the region
Now, the fields and planters will not give the menu when clicked on them, yes, using the correct button on mouse

I and fields and planters are in the same group

We use the Y Engine

I have taken out a new field from inventory and set out, it does not give menu either

Please advise, is there something in the files we need to change/add

Thank you


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